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Awake at the Whisk: My Bright Green Kitchen

Friday, January 28, 2011


My Bright Green Kitchen

Color. Delicious color! While some people shy away from anything more than a taupe or camel, I yearn for a cheerful "Hello!" from yellow, a bold blast from turquoise blue, a citrus sizzle from orange, and a burst of life from bright green. These are my favorite colors, and when I'm around them I feel GOOD.
My Bright Green Kitchen. I love her!

In celebration of my love for color, may I introduce to you another favorite of mine: my kitchen. She is now dressed appropriately to suit her role as a space where creativity reigns: in lively, awakened, whisk-inspiring lemon green!

Isn't she lovely?!

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Wow! I love color too. Won't that be an (even more) energizing place to work, now?

I just love that green! It really is cheerful. My kitchen is orange...
OMG! you weren't kidding, lady!
that definitely should wake you up in the morning and inspire you to make (and photograph and eat) delicious things! what a happy shade!

i am so jealous of your corner window above your sink. and your counter space. and your dishwasher.

xoxo aimee
Love the green! It goes really well with your kitchen. I absolutely love your cabinets and countertops, too. Wish I could paint my kitchen. :)
Gorgeous! And I love all the windows too.
I love this! I use lime green as an accent color in my purple kitchen! Very nice green, indeed!

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