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Awake at the Whisk: Cooking Light: Why Don't I Marry It?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Cooking Light: Why Don't I Marry It?

I hear his footsteps coming up the front porch. I hold my breath. I am motionless with anticipation. Clomp. Clomp. Up one step. Then the next. Finally! He reaches the door. Through a crack in the window blinds, I see his tall figure. I hear the creak of the mail slot, the swish of a letter dropping inside. Who cares about a letter?! I want the REAL goods, Mr. Mailman. I wait for it. Then I hear the awaited “thud” of heavy paper hitting the ground in front of my door. The mailman retreats back down the steps and across the yard. That’s when I make my leap. I throw open the door, shout a polite “Thank you!” and scoop up the precious Cooking Light Magazine he has delivered just for me.

I wipe the drool from my lip as I stare lovingly at the front cover image: this month, a “sweet and easy apple pancake” shown under a light drizzle of powdered sugar and nestled in a rustic cast iron skillet. A large headline is stamped proudly next to it: “Fresh from the farmer’s market.” Oh, Cooking Light. I love you!

Cooking Light’s motto reflects my own: “Eat Smart. Be Fit. Live Well.” Its contents contain everything I need to feed my passion for food and my quest for healthy food knowledge. I want to know how to put better foods in my body and incorporate them in my recipes. Each issue provides the latest nutrition research, detailed information on the healthful benefits of featured foods, and of course, recipes that put this knowledge to work. They also include a section called “Lighten Up,” taking readers’ high-fat family recipes (often desserts or cheesy entrees) and making them more figure-friendly without eliminating the flavor.

The magazine also provides fitness tips, a section titled “Enlightened Traveler,” wine pairing, and even green living tips to update your home.

My idea of a perfect day includes sitting back on my lounge chair, sipping a hot chai, and slowly digesting every word of this wonderful magazine. My husband, if he’s in the same room while I’m reading, must also endure my constant interruptions. “Honey, did you know…” “Honey, this says…” “Hey, listen to this!” Quote after quote pour from my mouth as I learn something new on every page and am driven to share each gem of knowledge with the person that I love—and feed.

Cooking Light inspires me to change the way I eat and live, while empowering me to actually implement the knowledge I have gained from its pages. I subscribed to my first weekly farm produce box because of Cooking Light. I was motivated to limit the amount of salt I use in recipes. I have explored new whole grains, like quinoa. I have even planned weekend trips to locally owned cheese factories based on their articles.

My feelings for Cooking Light certainly go beyond a junior high crush. I love it so much, I surely could marry it. And like any mature relationship, my life has been utterly enriched by my engagement with this magazine.

So what are you waiting for?! Go get yourself a subscription already!

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