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Awake at the Whisk: Veggie Libel Laws: Are You Cauliflowering Kidding Me?!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Veggie Libel Laws: Are You Cauliflowering Kidding Me?!

A USDA-funded nutrition program is barred from using the word “soda” in its published materials. After all, kids might get the impression that they should stop drinking the stuff for their health.

A mother whose son dies from e-coli in his hamburger is restricted from publicly discussing the changes she’s made to her diet.

Oprah Winfrey is sued by the beef industry because, during a show about mad cow disease, she makes a comment about no longer wanting to eat burgers. (Because there is some sanity in this world, and because she had the dollars to do it, Oprah won her case.)

I recently learned about the Veggie Libel Laws. I laughed out loud when I heard it. Seriously? Someone can get sued for dissing meat? Or junk food? Or… what else??

Lucky for me, I have mostly been writing about the foods that I love in my little blog. But the notion that some food industry moguls might stumble upon my tiny posts and take offense in the form of a lawsuit… well, that’s just not cool.

This is America. We have opinions. We have the First Amendment to protect us while spewing those opinions. And opinions about food are a dime a dozen. If a restaurant could sue you every time you wrote a bad review on Yelp, the economy would crumble.

I sure hope nobody invites a food industry crony to my next tasting party. They’d get an earful as folks’ votes were cast for their least favorite foods and brands. We’d be holding a bread and butter tasting party from our tiny jail cells.

What’s next? Will they be able to sue me for praising carrots? Will they sue President Obama for not planting a candy bar tree in his White House garden? Can I sue my husband if he doesn’t like the dinner I’ve made?

It’s as if all logic has started to decay. Hmmm…? *I wonder if it’s from all the sugar?

*No research was conducted as to whether or not sugar decays folks’ minds. This statement was a joke. It is not a plea to the American people. I love sugar. Please buy some sugar and eat it. Sugar is delicious. Please don’t sue me!!

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Always enjoy reading your posts, Amber. It can be a silly world out there, uh? Say, have you heard of I am starting one in my town. Just wondering...
Judy--thanks for the tip about Greendrinks. Sounds awesome! I'll have to check into it. Thanks for following my blog and staying in touch. :)
LOL! great post. It's very interesting how once people "have a voice"---other people seem to think they're to blame when/if someone else acts irresponsibly.

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