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Awake at the Whisk: Food, Inc.: A Film Review

Monday, July 13, 2009


Food, Inc.: A Film Review

Prepare your mind for a wild ride! Food, Inc. delivers awe, intrigue, and inspiration. If you’ve been apathetic to the whole local food movement, you need to take the small step of watching this movie. It’s entertaining!—in a whole new way.

In this moving film, you’ll experience a range of emotions. You’ll want to cry. To scream. To jump out of your seat and hit the streets with a picket sign. Your stomach will lurch. Your heart will break open. Your eyes will fill with tears. Your mind will set fire.

You’ll meet a number of folks within the vast food system:
· A mother whose son died after eating a hamburger containing e-coli bacteria; learn how she’s fighting back.
· The Vice President of the Corn Growers Association; hear his passionate opinions about the changes corn farmers have experienced in the Midwest.
· A Virginia farmer working independently to raise grass-fed, organic chickens, pigs, and cows; watch his meaningful connection to the land and animals, and learn about his philosophy on providing food to his community.
· A Midwestern seed cleaner whose legal battle with Monsanto threatens his business; see the personal struggle this kind-hearted man endures to save an age-old farming practice from the hands of big business.
· Wal-mart executives; learn about the ways this corporate giant is responding to consumer demand for healthier food in the grocery aisles.

This film is teeming with emotional stories. You’ll experience the heart of so many real people along the food chain. Chicken farmers, immigrant workers, factory owners, organic farmers… The vastness of the system itself seems endless, while the stories anchor a rich and moving film.

You’ll want to bypass going home after this film. As the credits roll, you’ll surely be bursting to discuss, rant, and strategize ways to help with your friends.

I thought I knew a lot about the problems with our food system. Then I saw Food, Inc. This is a documentary blockbuster that could challenge any fictional Hollywood flick. If you’re looking for a film with teeth, you’ve got to watch Food, Inc.

A 5-whisk film!

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